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The Humanitarian Computing Library is an organized compilation of academic articles on topics related to humanitarian computing.

The library is a resource that includes publications on both Human Computing and Machine Computing applications for humanitarian causes, such as crisis response and eradicating poverty. Human Computing refers to crowdsourcing and microtasking whereas Machine Computing draws on disciplines including data mining, machine learning, and natural language processing.

Search or browse the library

There are currently 779 publications accessible through the library.

Main topics
Crisis Analysis (55)

Crisis Management (309)

Situational Awareness (67)

Social Media (234)

Mobile Phones (74)

Crowdsourcing (118)

Software and Tools (97)

Human-Computer Interaction (28)

Natural Language Processing (33)

Trust and Security (33)

Geographical Analysis (53)

Education (23)

Health (29)

Violence (13)

Politics (18)

You can search or browse by topic (keyword), crisis, title, author, venue (conference/journal), or year.

Add a publication

To add a publication, use Form:Publication ... for other tasks, please visit the community portal.


This project was started by Qatar Computing Research Institute. See the about page for credits.