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Summary Crisis management is the process used to deal with any crises faced at any time, in order to mitigate their effects or reduce their harm. Nowadays many technologies are used to help emergency responders in this task. Many terms can be used to describe Crisis Management including:Crisis Response, Emergency Management and Emergency response.

Examples: Papers discussing the use of technology for crisis management include "Agent-based system for disaster management", "Early Warning System for Meteorological Risk in Lisbon Municipality: Description and Quality Evaluation" and "Integrating national tsunami early warning systems towards ocean-wide system-of-systems networks". The latter examines how warning systems play a role in crisis management.

Two key technologies that can be integrated in the process of crisis management are Mobile Phones and Social Media. In fact both of them play a big role in coordinating and managing a crisis. This can be seen in the examples of using of social media in natural disaster management communication and using an open source mobile App for assisting health and agricultural aid in Haiti.

Guidelines This keyword can be used with the publication that focus on how to manage/coordinate the crisis to be able to mitigate its effect.

Title Author(s) Date Citation Count
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17 April 2012 10
Automatic sub-event detection in emergency management using social media Daniela Pohl
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2012 10
Autonomous Accident Monitoring Using Cellular Network Data Olof Görnerup
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May 2013
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