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Summary Computing has been successful applied to the education domain in general, and can be used for humanitarian goals including, for instance, how to deal with a crisis or how to prepare for an upcoming crisis.

Title Author(s) Date Citation Count
A game model for supporting children learning about emergency situations Telmo Zarraonandia
Mario Rafael Ruiz Vargas
Paloma Díaz
Ignacio Aedo
2 May 2010 1
Can Student-Written Software Help Sustain Humanitarian FOSS? Ralph Morelli
Heidi Ellis
Trishan R. de Lanerolle
Jonathan Damon
Christopher Walti
May 2007 9
Can humanitarian open-source software development draw new students to CS? Heidi J. C. Ellis
Ralph A. Morelli
Trishan R. de Lanerolle
Jonathan Damon
Jonathan Raye
May 2007 37
Computing Technology in Global Humanitarian Research Karen M. Davis
M.Rita Thissen
21 October 2012
Consolidating Requirements Analysis Models for a Crisis Management Training Simulator Jan Rudinsky
Ebba Hvannberg
8 May 2011 1
Creating an Academic Community to build Humanitarian FOSS: A Progress Report Trishan R. de Lanerolle
Ralph Morelli
Norman Danner
Danny Krizanc
Gary Parker
Ozgur Izmirli
May 2008 5
Disaster Medical Education and Simulated Crisis Events: A Translational Approach Antony Joshua Hayes
Zeno Franco
Jessica Lancaster
Anne Kissack
22 April 2012
Disaster in my backyard: a serious game introduction to disaster information management Kenny Meesters
Bartel van de Walle
May 2013 2
ESEC - Competency Based e-portal of Security and Safety Engineering Jozef Ristvej
Tomáš Lovecek
Katar ínaKampová
2 May 2010
Education Technology for the Developing World Beverly Park Woolf
Ivon Arroyo
Imran A. Zualkernan
30 October 2011 4
Emergency Management Education and ISCRAM Murray Turoff 18 May 2014
Exploring Shared Situational Awareness using Serious Gaming for Supply Chain Disruptions Shalini Kurapati
Gwendolyn Kolfschoten
Alexander Verbraeck
Thomas M. Corsi
Frances Brazier
May 2013
Interactive Simulation Technology for Crisis Management and Training: The INDIGO Project Jesse Cooper Himmelstein
Alexandre Ahmad
Olivier Balet
Jean-Baptiste de la Rivicre
Maaike Schaap
Werner Overdijk
Enrico Gobbetti
Giovanni Pintore
Fabio Ganovelli
Paolo Brivio
22 April 2012
Making Health Care More Accessible To Rural Communities In Waslala, Nicaragua Using Low-Cost Telecommunications Pritpal Singh
Sarvesh Kulkarni
Elizabeth Keech
Ruth McDermott-Levy
James Klingler
30 October 2011 2
Predicting Group Faultlines in Multinational Crisis Response Teams Kip Smith
Ida Lindgren
2 May 2010
Service-Learning in the Computer and Information Sciences: Practical Applications in Engineering Education Brian A. Nejmeh 5 June 2012 2
Special issue on professional communication in humanitarian environments, IEEE Transactions on Professional Communications J.L. Doumont
Juan C. Lucena
A. Berndt
R. Deibert
Susann Smith
Anna Young
J. Palfrey
R. Rohozinski
J. Zittrain
Rebecca Walton
Mark P. Haselkorn
Bartel Van de Walle
Jon A. Leydens
Willem J. Muhren
Gerd Van den Eede
Brian Derenzi
December 2009
Stop Disaster Game Experiment with Elementary School Students in Rio de Janeiro: building safety culture Soraia Pacheco de Almeida Silva Felicio
Viviane Silva
Andre Dargains
Paulo Souza
Felippe Sampaio
Paulo Victor Rodrigues de Carvalho
José Orlando Gomes
Marcos Roberto da Silva Borges
18 May 2014
Teaching and building humanitarian open source software Ralph Morelli
Trishan R de Lanerolle
Heidi Ellis
Norman Danner
Janardhan Iyengar
May 2008 3
The Humanitarian FOSS Project: Goals, Activities, and Outcomes Allen B. Tucker
Ralph Morelli
Trishan R. de Lanerolle
30 October 2011 3
The VALUE @ Amrita Virtual Labs Project: Using Web Technology to Provide Virtual Laboratory Access to Students Krishnashree Achuthan
K. S. Sreelatha
Shone Surendran
Shyam Diwakar
Prema Nedungadi
Steven Humphreys
S. Sreekala C. O.
Zeena Pillai
Raghu Raman
Ani Deepthi
Rathish Gangadharan
Saritha Appukuttan
Jyothi Ranganatha
Sreedha Sambhudevan
Suma Mahesh
30 October 2011 5
Towards a knowledge-intensive serious game for training emergency medical services Nour El Mawas
Jean-Pierre Cahier
May 2013
Virtual Reality Training Environment for Tactical Emergency Operations Laura Ardila
Israel Perez-Llopis
Carlos E. Palau
Manuel Esteve
May 2013

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