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Summary Geographical analysis is a field of computer science that can give information about places on Earth's surface. A geographic information system (GIS) is a system that could be used to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data. In the simplest terms, GIS is the merging of cartography, statistical analysis, and computer science technology.

Examples: It is possible to read a text and understand what place it is talking about, even if the text does not include geographical coordinates. This can be seen in the example of, Location based insights from social web; in this paper, they propose a framework for classifying location elements and a method for their extraction from social web data without relying on GPS.

In addition to that, to see how the GIS affect the ways of dealing and managing the crisis, you can have a look at this publication " The Effect of a Geographical Information System on Communication in Professional Emergency Response Organizations

Guidelines This keyword can be used for the publications that focus on Automatic geolocation, crisis mapping, etc.

Title Author(s) Date Citation Count
A GIS Approach to Equipment Allocation for Structural Stabilization and Civilian Rescue Albert Y. Chen
Feniosky A. Peña-Mora
Saumil J. Mehta
Stuart Foltz
Albert P.Plans
Brian R. Brauer
2 May 2010 3
A GIS-based Design for a Smartphone Disaster Information Service Application Jungki Lee
Daniel Leonardo Niko
Hyunsuk Hwang
ManGon Park
Changsoo Kim
23 May 2011 9
A Model for Temporal Coordination of Disaster Response Activities Jörn Franke Sophia Antipolis
Francois Charoy
Cedric Ulmer
2 May 2010 22
A Sensitive Twitter Earthquake Detector Bella Robinson
Robert Power
Mark Cameron
14 May 2013 3
An Approach to Support Decision-Making in Disaster Management based on Volunteer Geographic Information (VGI) and Spatial Decision Support Systems (SDSS) Flávio E. A. Horita
João P. de Albuquerque
May 2013
An Incident Management Preparedness and Coordination Toolkit Daniel B. Koch
Patricia W. Payne
21 October 2012
Applying Technology to Crisis Mapping and Early Warning in Humanitarian Settings Patrick Meier
Jennifer Leaning
September 2009 10
AsonMaps: A Platform for Aggregation Visualization and Analysis of Disaster Related Human Sensor Network Observations Oleg Aulov
Adam Price
Milton Halem
18 May 2014
Challenges for Map Symbol Standardization in Crisis Management Anthony C. Robinson
Robert E. Roth
Alan M. MacEachren
2 May 2010 7
Citizens as sensors: the world of volunteered geography M F Goodchild 20 November 2007 1,402
City Mesh – Resilient First Responder Communication Kamill Panitzek
Immanuel Schweizer
Dirk Bradler
Max Mühlhäuser
8 May 2011 10
Collaboration on-the-Field: Suggestions and Beyond Andrea Marrella
Massimo Mecella
Alessandro Russo
8 May 2011 6
CrashHelp: A GIS Tool for Managing Emergency Medical Responses to Motor Vehicle Crashes Benjamin Schooley
Brian Hilton
Yoonmi Lee
Rondalynne McClintock
Samuel-Ojo Olusola
Thomas Horan
2 May 2010 3
Crisis Mapping Community Social Media Information During and After Large-Scale Disasters in Victoria Stephen Berselli 2012 1
Crowdsourcing for Crisis Mapping in Haiti Ida Norheim Hagtun
Patrick Meier
2010 12
Crowdsourcing geographic information for disaster response: a research frontier Michael F. Goodchild
J. Alan Glennon
7 March 2010 212
Descriptive and Geographical Analysis of Flood Disasters Evacuation Modelling Ahmed Taha Elsergany
Amy Griffin
Paul Tranter
Sameer Alam
18 May 2014
Dynamic adaptive disaster simulation: developing a predictive model of emergency behavior using cell phone and GIS data Francis Chen
Zhi Zhai
Greg Madey
2011 3
Early Warning System for Meteorological Risk in Lisbon Municipality: Description and Quality Evaluation Ana Trancoso
José Domingos
Maria Telhado
João Corte-Real
8 May 2011 3
Geospatial Site Suitability Modeling for US Department of Defense Humanitarian Assistance Projects Timothy Clark
Rich Curran
May 2013
Gps Impact on Performance, Response Time and Communication – A Review of Three Studies Rego Granlund
Helena Granlund
8 May 2011 2
Harvesting Geospatial Knowledge from Social Metadata Suradej Intagorn
Anon Plangprasopchok
Kristina Lerman
2 May 2010 8
Humanitarian Logistics Network Design for an Effective Disaster Response Soumia Ichoua 2 May 2010 2
Location Inference using Microblogging Messages Yohei Ikawa
Miki Enoki
Michiaki Tatsubori
17 April 2012
Location-Based Insights from the Social Web Yohei Ikawa
Maja Vuković
Jakob Rogstadius
Akiko Murakami
14 May 2013 1
Mapping Moods: Geo-Mapped Sentiment Analysis During Hurricane Sandy Cornelia Caragea
Squicciarini Anna
Stehle Sam
Kishore Neppalli
Andrea Tapia
18 May 2014
Mobile geotagged data gathering for disaster remediation S. E. Goldin
K. T. Rudahl
12 July 2012
On the use of the Internet to collect earthquake information R Bossu
P S Earle
2012 1
Optimizing Mobile Social Media Interfaces for Rapid Internal Communication by Emergency Services Erkki Kurkinen
Helen Sullivan
Markku Häkkinen
Markku Lauttamus
2 May 2010 2
Participatory Epidemiology: Use of Mobile Phones for Community-Based Health Reporting Clark C. Freifeld
Rumi Chunara
Sumiko R. Mekaru
Emily H. Chan
Taha Kass-Hout
Anahi Ayala Iacucci
John S. Brownstein
7 December 2010 74
Preventing Violence, War and State Collapse: The Future of Conflict Early Warning and Response David Nyheim 19 February 2009 13
Problems from Hell, Solution in the Heavens?: Identifying Obstacles and Opportunities for Employing Geospatial Technologies to Document and Mitigate Mass Atrocities Ben Yunmo Wang
Nathaniel A. Raymond
Gabrielle Gould
Isaac Baker
22 October 2013
Queensland and the Ushahidi Ecosystem Jon Gosier 17 January 2011
Retrieve Volunteered Geographic Information for Forest Fire Laura Spinsanti
Frank Ostermann
Search and Surveillance in emergency situations – A GIS-based approach to construct optimal visibility graphs Michael Morin
Irène Abi-Zeid
Thanh Tung Nguyen
Luc Lamontagne
Patrick Maupin
May 2013
Securing Crisis Maps in Conflict Zones George Chamales
Rob Baker
1 November 2011 2
Seismic Scenario Simulations Using a Gis Web Service Nuno Afonso
M. Luísa Sousa
8 May 2011
Smartphones as an Alerting, Command and Control System for the Preparedness Groups and Civilians: Results of Preliminary Tests with the Finnish Police Jaana Kuula
Vili Auvinen
Olli Kauppinen
Pauli Kettunen
Santtu Viitanen
Tuomo Korhonen
May 2013 1
Social Data and Geospatial mapping join Crisis Response Alex Howard 27 January 2011
Social Media Text Mining and Network Analysis for Decision Support in Natural Crisis Management Andrea Zielinski
Stuart E. Middleton
Laurissa Tokarchuk
Xinyue Wang
May 2013 1
Social Media and SMS in the Haiti Earthquake Julie Dugdale
Bartel Van de Walle
Corinna Koeppinghoff
17 April 2012 6
SocialEMIS: Improving Emergency Preparedness through Collaboration Ouejdane Mejri
Pierluigi Plebani
17 April 2012 1
Spatial Video Street-Scale Damage Assessment of the Washington, Illinois Tornado of 2013 Marius Paulikas
Andrew Curtis
Tom Veldman
18 May 2014
Spatial video data collection in a post-disaster landscape: The Tuscaloosa Tornado of April 27th 2011 Andrew Curtis
Jacqueline W. Millsb
March 2012 10
The Effect of a Geographical Information System on Communication in Professionl Emergency Response Organizations Rego Granlund
Helena Granlund
Björn Johansson
2 May 2010
The digital divide, inclusion and access for disabled people in IT Supported Emergency Response Systems: A UK and EU-based analysis Catherine Rachel Easton 18 May 2014
Three Units of Analysis for Crisis Management and Critical Infrastructure Protection Leire Labaka
Josune Hernantes
Ana Laugé
Jose Sarriegi
8 May 2011 2
Towards very simple, yet effective on-the-go incident response preplanning: using publicly-available GIS to improve firefighters' traditional approach Jose Maria Nadal-Serrano 2 May 2010
Understanding the Utility of Geospatial Information in Social Media Anthony C. Robinson
Alexander Savelyev
Scott Pezanowski
Alan M. MacEachren
May 2013 1
Ushahidi Technology Saves Lives in Haiti and Chile Jessica Ramirez 3 March 2010 4
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