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Summary Health in humanitarian computing involves using human and machine computing applications for improving the general health of the community during or post a crisis. It could also include making healthcare options more accessible to places where it is inaccessible after the onset of a disaster.
Guidelines This keyword can be used for the publications that focus on health care, sanitation, etc.

Title Author(s) Date Citation Count
A CBRN Detection Framework Using Fuzzy Logic Ahmed Nagy
Lusine Mkrtchyan
Klaas van der Meer
May 2013
A Low Cost Connectivity Solution for Rural Mobile Telemedicine Sasi Pilacheri Meethal
Jyothish J
30 October 2011 1
A SaaS-Based Early Warning Information Fusion System for Critical Infrastructure Safety Franclin Foping
Ioannis M. Dokas
May 2013
A Standards-Based Open Source Application to Gather Health Assessment Data in Developing Countries Alex Gainer
Mary Roth
Philip Strong
James Davis
21 October 2012 1
A mHealth System for Patient Handover in Emergency Medical Services Benjamin Schooley
Abdullah Murad
Yousef Abed
Thomas Horan
May 2013
Beacons of hope in decentralized coordination: learning from on-the-ground medical twitterers during the 2010 Haiti earthquake A Sarcevic
L Palen
J White
K Starbird
M Bagdouri
K Anderson
11 February 2012 21
Bringing the Social Media Revolution to Health Care Lee Aase
Dan Goldman
10 October 2012
Computing Technology in Global Humanitarian Research Karen M. Davis
M.Rita Thissen
21 October 2012
Development of a Quick Look Pandemic Influenza Modeling and Visualization Tool Robert Brigantic
David Ebert
Courtney Corley
Ross Maciejewski
George Muller
Aimee Taylor
2 May 2010 3
Disaster Medical Education and Simulated Crisis Events: A Translational Approach Antony Joshua Hayes
Zeno Franco
Jessica Lancaster
Anne Kissack
22 April 2012
Enhancing behavioral health treatment and crisis management through mobile ecological momentary assessment and SMS messaging Brad Smith
William D. Harms
Stephanie Burres
Holly Korda
Howard Rosen
Jamie Davis
December 2012 1
Fuzzy-Genetic Algorithm For Patient Data Processing In Telemedicine Richa Gupta
Parmod Kumar
21 October 2012
INDICATOR: An Open-Source Cyberenvironment for Biosurveillance Wendy Edwards
Awais Vaid
Ian Brooks
2 May 2010 2
Integrating Mobile Collection Software with Health Applications David Roberge
Bruce MacLeod
Brian Hartsock
Ime Asangansi
30 October 2011 1
MHealth for mental health: Integrating smartphone technology in behavioral healthcare. David D. Luxton
Russell A. McCann
Nigel E. Bush
Matthew C. Mishkind
Greg M. Reger
December 2011 69
MIS to Assist Community Health Upliftment Keyur Dhaky
Mehernosh Bulsara
Behram Sethna
30 October 2011
Operational experience with the Ketale Web application Tuomas Peltonen
Michael Ammann
Juhani Lahtinen
2 May 2010
Participatory Epidemiology: Use of Mobile Phones for Community-Based Health Reporting Clark C. Freifeld
Rumi Chunara
Sumiko R. Mekaru
Emily H. Chan
Taha Kass-Hout
Anahi Ayala Iacucci
John S. Brownstein
7 December 2010 74
Predicting Patient Presentation Rates at Mass Gatherings Using Machine Learning Peter Serwylo
Paul Arbon
Grace Rumantir
8 May 2011 3
Reducing the H1N1 risk: public-private social media partnerships Tim Tinker
Marko Bourne
Should Health Organizations Use Web 2.0 Media in Times of an Infectious Disease Crisis? An In-depth Qualitative Study of Citizens’ Information Behavior During an EHEC Outbreak Lex van Velsen
Julia E.W.C van Gemert-Pijnen
Desirée J.M.A Beaujean
Jobke Wentzel
Jim E van Steenbergen
20 December 2012
Situational Awareness in Mass Emergency: A Behavioral and Linguistic Analysis of Microblogged Communications Sarah Vieweg January 2012 14
Software Extensibility Strategies for Health and Demographic Systems in Low-Income Countries Brian Hartsock
Bruce MacLeod
David Roberge
Ime Asangansi
30 October 2011
Statistically Modeling the Effectiveness of Disaster Information in Social Media Sabatini J. Monatesti 30 October 2011 14
Top Health Trends: An information visualization tool for awareness of local health trends Sung Pil Moon
Yikun Liu
Steven Entezari
Afarin Pirzadeh
Andrew Pappas
Mark S. Pfaff
May 2013 1
Towards a Decision Support System for the Allocation of Traumatized Patients Tim A. Majchrzak
Philipp Neuhaus
Oliver Noack
Frank Ückert
Herbert Kuchen
2 May 2010 1
Training exercises for crisis management training in intra-organizational settings Viveca Asproth
Erik A.M. Borglund
Lena-Maria Öberg
May 2013
Using Document-Based Databases for Medical Information Systems in Unreliable Environments Oliver Schmitt
Tim A. Majchrzak
22 April 2012
“Beacons of Hope” in Decentralized Coordination: Learning from On-the-Ground Medical Twitterers During the 2010 Haiti Earthquake Aleksandra Sarcevic
Leysia Palen
Joanne White
Kate Starbird
Mossaab Bagdouri
Kenneth Anderson
15 February 2012

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