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On this referata wiki you will find classified/categorized official publications on humanitarian computing, (currently) linked depending on their Authors, Publication Types, Publication Venues, Publication Dates and Keywords/Topics.

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What is Humanitarian Computing?

The making, modification and usage of electronic devices in efforts to promote the basic physical and material well-being of people in need. The eruption of interdependence, globalization, mass media technologies, the Internet, and the appearance of electronic technology usage in fields from Agriculture to Education to Transport has reduced the distance between 'humanitarianism' and it's use of modern-day computing. This is where the difference between using an abacus to count food rations and coding the platform for a crisis map makes itself clear.

In other words, since the beginning of the Digital Revolution, humanitarianism's use of computers is now a large enough subset to be a field of its own. It is the advance of new implementations of these computers that this website will be tracking.


A publication is in scope if it is about humanitarian computing. Publications need to be either peer-reviewed and published in a workshop, conference, or journal, or be published by a reputable institution.


A crisis should have a link to a Wikipedia page. We use the Wikipedia naming convention (i.e. the title of the Wikipedia article referring to a crisis) except the year always goes in the end.