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Summary Humanitarian Computing can use mobile phones because they are cheap and available everywhere. Mobile phones are one of the most widely used electronic gadgets. SMS messages have been used in coordinating humanitarian relief.

Examples: As an introduction to the use of mobile phones in the field of humanitarian computing, a 2011 book by Marta Poblet presents innovative uses of mobile technologies in the areas of early warning, disaster and humanitarian relief, governance, citizens’ participation, etc. and cuts across different regions.

Since during any crisis, time is of essence, a user study was carried out and showed unaffected bystanders were willing to use mobile phone and get involved in the crisis management process during emergencies, thus possibly helping in minimizing the number of causalities involved.

In Politics the usefulness of mobile phones can be seen for instance in "SMS Uprising: Mobile Activistm in Africa", a 2010 book that looks into how activists and social change advocates are addressing Africa's many challenges from within, and how they are using mobile telephone technologies to facilitate these changes. In terms of Crisis Management, "Social Media and SMS in the Haiti Earthquake" explains how SMS was used in coordinating humanitarian relief after the haiti earthquake of 2010.

In healthcare, mobile phones have been used to make health care more accessible to rural areas, since many people in rural areas have mobile phones. Mobile phones can be made more useful and effective by integrating mobile collection software with health applications.

Additionally, mobile phones have also been used to study the safety and security at times of fear by individuals living in urban areas.

Guidelines This keyword can be used for the publication that focus on SMS, mobile applications, etc.

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How Do I Get This App? A Discourse on Distributing Mobile Applications Despite Disrupted Amro Al-Akkad
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Pass It On?: Retweeting in Mass Emergency Kate Starbird
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