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Summary Social Media is a type of online media that allows interaction among people in way that allows them to create, exchange and share information and ideas. Currently, researchers try to focus on increasing the effectiveness and reach of humanitarian services by using social media.

Examples: Humanitarian computing has used social media to help analyze a crisis and respond to people's needs. This can be seen for instance in a paper describing the usage of Twitter for Crisis Management. In addition to that, humanitarian computing has played a big role in coordinating humanitarian relief in some large crisis scenarios such as the Haiti Earthquake of 2010. This is described in papers that include "Managing Chaos ..." and "Social Media and SMS in the Haiti Earthquake".

Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook play an important role in communication and crisis management during crises since they are widely used sources of communication. The publication titled "A Help or a Hindrance? The Role of Social Media in Natural Disaster Management Communication" valuates the usage of social media in natural disaster management communications, the challenges social media pose and where they serve best in the disaster management process. An important concern is that not all information that is shared over these sites can be considered to be reliable. In the case of Twitter, a 2010 paper suggests that users are more likely to retweet information originally distributed through Twitter accounts that are run by media, especially the local media, and traditional service organizations.

Given that news media has an important effect on public's understanding of a disaster event, there are also researchers who have analyzed how the news media operates during a natural disaster.

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Title Author(s) Date Citation Count
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14 May 2013 3
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2011 10
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Building a resilient community through social network: ethical considerations about the 2011 Genoa floods 18 May 2014
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2011 4
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14 May 2013 1
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Crisis Management 2.0: Towards a Systematization of Social Software Use in Crisis Situations Christian Reuter
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Volkmar Pipek
2012 9
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