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Summary Nowadays there is a large number of new software and tools/platforms for the humanitarian computing area.

Example : The usefulness of software and tools in Humanitarian Computing area can be seen for instance in "A Sensitive Twitter Earthquake Detector". This paper describes early work at developing an earthquake detector for Australia and New Zealand using Twitter. Evaluation of a software Prototype for supporting Fire Emergency Response is another paper that talks about the human computer interfaces aspects of another software developed for supporting fire fighters during fire emergency response.

Another relevant paper to look into is "The Humanitarian FOSS Project" which talks about Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software Project (HFOSS Project), which is an educational initiative whose goal is to engage undergraduates in computer science by building free and open source software that benefits humanity.

Another technology that can help in Humanitarian computing is GPS and the publication The impact of GPS on Performance, Response Time and Communication during Crisis shows how the GPS has played a big role in minimizing causalities during crisis. It compares the performance between teams that had access to GPS information in the command post with teams that had access only to paper maps. The results shows that the teams who used the GPS was more effective than the teams who had access to paper maps.

There are other software tools that help in making crowdsourcing an easier process. An important example tool is Ushahidi, a free and open-source platform that allows interested individuals and groups to create live, interactive maps.

Guidelines These are papers that describe or overview a real-world, practical software system or platform.

Title Author(s) Date Citation Count
A Field Trial of a Collaborative Online Scenario Creation System for Emergency Management Xiang Yao
Murray Turoff
Roxanne Hiltz
2 May 2010 8
A Framework for Analyzing Collective Action Events on Twitter Kartikeya Bajpai
Anuj R. Jaiswal
8 May 2011 10
A Novel Technology Based Framework to Address Global Humanitarian Issues Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan
Preethi Krishnaswamy
30 October 2011
A SaaS-Based Early Warning Information Fusion System for Critical Infrastructure Safety Franclin Foping
Ioannis M. Dokas
May 2013
A Sensitive Twitter Earthquake Detector Bella Robinson
Robert Power
Mark Cameron
14 May 2013 3
A Standards-Based Open Source Application to Gather Health Assessment Data in Developing Countries Alex Gainer
Mary Roth
Philip Strong
James Davis
21 October 2012 1
A Vision for Technology-Mediated Support for Public Participation & Assistance in Mass Emergencies & Disasters Leysia Palen
Kenneth M. Anderson
Gloria Mark
James Martin
Douglas Sicker
Martha Palmer
Dirk Grunwald
2010 110
A data transfer protocol for forest fire statistics: Achieving interoperability among independent agencies María Hernández
Susana Montero
David Díez
Paloma Díaz
Ignacio Aedo
2 May 2010 1
A multi-stage decision model for debris disposal operations Gary Fetter
Mauro Falasca
Christopher W. Zobel
Terry R. Rakes
2 May 2010
Activity Theory as a Methodological And Analytical Framework for Information Practices in Emergency Management Jyoti Mishra
David Allen
Alan Pearman
8 May 2011 3
Adaptive Development of a Common Operating Environment for Crisis Response and Management Alena Benson
Keith Biggers
Jim Wall
Mark Haselkorn
2 May 2010 2
An Agent-Based Approach to Envision the Future José Castillo 8 May 2011 1
An Automated Information Extraction Tool for International Conflict Data with Performance as Good as Human Coders: A Rare Events Evaluation Design Gary King and Will Lowe June 2003
An Upstream-Downstream Approach for Disaster Management Information Systems Design Craig Edward Kuziemsky
Tracey O'Sullivan
Wayne Corneil
22 April 2012 3
Approach for an integrated interoperable system architecture for disaster management systems Christian Paulus
Stefan Moellmann
Hagen Engelmann
2 May 2010 2
Building Geospatial Mashups to Visualize Information for Crisis Management Shubham Gupta
Craig Knoblock
2 May 2010 9
Building robust supply networks for effective and efficient disaster response Tina Comes
Frank Schätter
Frank Schultmann
May 2013 1
Can Student-Written Software Help Sustain Humanitarian FOSS? Ralph Morelli
Heidi Ellis
Trishan R. de Lanerolle
Jonathan Damon
Christopher Walti
May 2007 9
Community Incident Chatter: Informing Local Incidents by Aggregating Local News and Social Media Content Patrick C. Shih
Kyungsik Han
John M. Carroll
18 May 2014
Concept for Intelligent Integrated System for Crisis Management Oduor Erick Nelson Otieno
Nihal Siriwardanegea
Anna Gryszkiewicz
Fang Chen
2 May 2010
Consolidating Requirements Analysis Models for a Crisis Management Training Simulator Jan Rudinsky
Ebba Hvannberg
8 May 2011 1
Constructive Convergence: Imagery and Humanitarian Assistance Doug Hanchard 2012
CrashHelp: A GIS Tool for Managing Emergency Medical Responses to Motor Vehicle Crashes Benjamin Schooley
Brian Hilton
Yoonmi Lee
Rondalynne McClintock
Samuel-Ojo Olusola
Thomas Horan
2 May 2010 3
Creating an Academic Community to build Humanitarian FOSS: A Progress Report Trishan R. de Lanerolle
Ralph Morelli
Norman Danner
Danny Krizanc
Gary Parker
Ozgur Izmirli
May 2008 5
Crisis Mapping: A Phenomenon and Tool in Emergencies Myriam Dunn Cavelty
Jennifer Giroux
November 2011 3
CrisisTracker: Crowdsourced Social Media Curation for Disaster Awareness Jakob Rogstadius
Maja Vukovic
Claudio Teixeira
Vassilis Kostakos
Evangelos Karapanos
Jim Laredo
2013 8
Decision-making Support Based on the Combination of CBR and Logic Reasoning Huizhang Shen
Jidi Zhao
2 May 2010
Delay Tolerant Disaster Communication with the One Laptop Per Child XO Laptop Daniel Iland
Don Voita
Elizabeth Belding
May 2013
Developing Information Technologies for Citizens Experiencing Disruption: The Role of Trust and Context Bryan Semaan
Gloria Mark
2 May 2010 6
Developing a System for Information Management in Disaster Relief - Methodology and Requirements Martin Frassl
Michael Lichtenstern
Mohammed Khider
2 May 2010 18
Developing an Incident Response Process Model for Chemical Facilities Stephen C. Fortier May 2013
Development of a joint official microblog platform to improve interactive communication with the public under a centralized system Yefeng Ma
Hui Zhang
Yi Liu
18 May 2014
Development of a virtual dashboard for event coordination between multiple groups Trishan Ralph de Lanerolle
William Anderson
Eli Fox-Epstein
Dimitar Gochev
Ralph Morelli
2 May 2010 9
ESEC - Competency Based e-portal of Security and Safety Engineering Jozef Ristvej
Tomáš Lovecek
Katar ínaKampová
2 May 2010
Earthquake Shakes Twitter Users: Real-time Event Detection by Social Sensors Takeshi Sakaki
Makoto Okazaki
Yutaka Matsuo
2010 1,153
Emergency Situation Awareness from Twitter for Crisis Management Mark Cameron
Robert Power
Bella Robinson
Jie Yin
17 April 2012 25
Evaluation of a Mobile Emergency Management System - A Simulation Approach Heiko Roßnagel
Olaf Junker
2 May 2010
Evaluation of a Software Prototype for Supporting Fire Emergency Response Raj Prasanna
Lili Yang
Malcolm King
8 May 2011 6
Event Definition for the Application of Event Processing to Intelligent Resource Management Jens Pottebaum
Alexander Artikis
Robin Marterer
Georgios Paliouras
Rainer Koch
8 May 2011 6
Feedback Mechanisms in Automated Emergency Management Training Matthew Guardascione
Allen E. Milewski
2 May 2010
Framing the design space for novel crisis-related mashups: the eStoryS example Andrea Bellucci
Alessio Malizia
Paloma Diaz
Ignacio Aedo
2 May 2010 9
Gps Impact on Performance, Response Time and Communication – A Review of Three Studies Rego Granlund
Helena Granlund
8 May 2011 2
How Do I Get This App? A Discourse on Distributing Mobile Applications Despite Disrupted Amro Al-Akkad
Christian Raffelsberger
18 May 2014
INDICATOR: An Open-Source Cyberenvironment for Biosurveillance Wendy Edwards
Awais Vaid
Ian Brooks
2 May 2010 2
Information Systems to Support Disaster Planning and Response: Problem Diagnosis and Research Gap Analysis Magiswary Dorasamy
Murali Raman
8 May 2011 7
Infrastructurless Indoor Positioning System for First Responders Thomas Bernoulli
Gerald Glanzer
Thomas Wießflecker
Ulrich Walder
2 May 2010 4
Inter-System Software Adapter for Decision Support by Interfacing Disaster Response Platforms and Simulation Platforms Jose Marti
Pranab Kini
Paul Lusina
Antonio Di Pietro
Vittorio Rosato
Baptiste Charnier
Wang Kui
21 October 2012
Light-Weight Model-Based Realization of a B2b Protocol and a Soa Integration Engine Theo Meijler
Frank Nietzold
8 May 2011
MECA: Mobile Edge Capture and Analysis Middleware for Social Sensing Applications Fan Ye
Raghu Ganti
Raheleh Dimaghani
Keith Grueneberg
Seraphin Calo
17 April 2012 7
MIS to Assist Community Health Upliftment Keyur Dhaky
Mehernosh Bulsara
Behram Sethna
30 October 2011
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