Trust and Security

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Summary Access to correct and truthful information is very important at times of crisis to help direct the necessary help to the victims. Thus verifying information and their sources becomes an important requirement at times of critical need. Verifying includes being able to judge truth from falsehood and rumors. It also includes having a list of reliable sources of information for each of the crises.

Large amounts of unverified and at times contradictory information often appear on social media following natural disasters. Timely verification of this information can be crucial to saving lives and for coordinating relief efforts.

Examples: Information Verification during Natural Disasters looks into enabling this verification by developing an online platform that involves ordinary citizens in the evidence gathering and evaluation process, the output of which will provide reliable information to humanitarian organizations, journalists, and decision makers involved in relief efforts.

What criteria defines the quality of the information that is shared and their importance for experts during crisis is also highly relevant. Also since the usage of social media is now becoming popular among all the community members Evaluating the Impact of Incorporating Information from Social Media Streams in Disaster Relief Routing is another relevant publication to look into.

Guidelines Everything related to veracity, verification, truth, falsehood, rumors, etc.

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